This site displays data which was uploaded daily, via satellite, by the expedition team in the Okavango delta. Data is also available through a public API, allowing anyone to re-mix, analyze, or visualize the collected information.

Expedition leader Dr. Steve Boyes, talking about his work in the Okavango:

This site was built by Brian House, Jer Thorp, with design by Ian Ardouin-Fumat.

It's a work in progress. Real expedition data didn't become available until the team in the Delta arrived and started transmitting. As a result we are adding functionality on a daily basis, based on the character of the data we receive. So check back to watch the expedition progress, and to see and explore new features and new data.

New data is uploaded once per day, at around 12pm, EST. This data will immediately be available through the public API, and will be visible on the map at the same time.

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We're using a lot of open source tools to make this thing work, including Leaflet.js, Python and Tornado. Huge thanks to all of the clever people involved in making these invaluable tools.

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