The Okavango Delta is one of the richest wildlife areas on the planet. Starting August 17th, a team of Ba'yei, scientists, artists and engineers will enter the delta to take its pulse.

This site displays data which was uploaded daily, via satellite, by the expedition team in the Okavango delta. Data is also available through a public API, allowing anyone to re-mix, analyze, or visualize the collected information.

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the Okavango deltathe BaYei bushmen


Steve Boyes' portrait

Steve Boyes

Steve Boyes did his PhD on the Meyer’s parrot in the Okavango Delta and lived permanently in this wilderness for 7 years. He runs several research project in the Okavango Delta for the Wild Bird Trust and Percy FitzPatrick Institute, and will be the Expedition Leader on the 2014 Okavango Expedition. This year will be his 5th crossing of the Okavango Delta on dug-out canoes or mokoros. All in preparation for the expedition 1,000 miles down the length of the Okavango River next year in support of the designation of new protected areas and a multi-national UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes the entire catchment.

Neil Gelinas' portrait

Neil Gelinas

Neil Gelinas is a Producer, Cameraman and Editor for National Geographic. For the past 4 years, his focus has been making one-hour-documentary broadcast specials following expeditions lead by Nat Geo Explorers-In-Residence Enric Sala and Mike Fay. Okavango will be his first documentary feature.

Gobonamang Kgetho's portrait

Gobonamang Kgetho "GB"

Lead poler and member of the Seronga Polers Trust. GB has crossed the delta 4 times with Steve and is an exemplary ambassador of the Okavango Delta and baYei community. He has appeared in several TV shows with Steve and his team.

Giles Trevethick' portrait

Giles Trevethick

An environmental management graduate with a passion for wilderness and adventure. Cycled 2 continents including Africa & South America and about to undertake the 4th trans Okavango Mokoro Expedition with the Wild Bird Trust.

Goitseone Basiamang's portrait

Goitseone Basiamang "Tom"

Tom is our strongest poler and has carried us on his shoulders all the way to Maun on 3 important expedition. He is the music man and plays the traditional baYei mouth bow, bringing with him the sound of the African wilderness. His music tells a story of life in the wild. Tom is also an accomplished wilderness guide and storyteller.

Leilamang Kgetho

Son of GB, he too works at the Seronga Polers Trust and has grown up in the Delta, learning from his father. He joins the expedition for the first time this year.

Gregg Treinish' portrait

Gregg Treinish

Gregg Treinish founded the nonprofit Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation in 2011, mobilizing outdoor enthusiasts in collaborative efforts to protect our natural world.

National Geographic named Gregg Adventurer of the Year in 2008, when he and a friend completed a 7,800-mile trek along the spine of the Andes Mountain Range. He was included on the Christian Science Monitor's 30 under 30 list in 2012, and the following year became a National Geographic Emerging Explorer for his work with ASC.

Chris Boyes' portrait

Chris Boyes

"My love and appreciation for places where natural systems function as they have for millions of years drives my passion to understand and protect these areas. Although primarily a marine biologist, I have had the privilege of working in pristine marine and terrestrial ecosystems. I view the Okavango Delta as the epitome of the perfect terrestrial wilderness I seek."

John Hilton' portrait

John Hilton

For the past 4 years John has dedicated his life to spending time in the African wilderness, and sharing his experiences with as many people as possible. In 2010 he and his wife, Liz, travelled around sub-saharan Africa in their Land Cruiser visiting the national parks and wild places of South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia – an awesome adventure! More recently John has joined Dr Steve Boyes at The Wild Bird Trust as Trustee and Commercial Director.

Pieter Hugo' portrait

Pieter Hugo

Pieter Hugo has an MA Degree in English Literature, and has published articles in several different magazines and newspapers. Pieter has worked as a nightclub bouncer, a stage manager, a set-builder, and a pyrotechnics and special effects technician. He currently live in Hogsback, in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, where he owns a sawmill and works as a carpenter.

Khunowa Mathare's portrait

Khunowa Mathare "Chaps"

Delta navigator and human GPS, Chaps has also crossed the Okavango Delta 4 times with Steve and has been able to find our way out of remote locations in the delta many times. He is a rock solid member of the expedition team and an important source of support..

Kgalalelo Mpetsang' portrait

Kgalalelo Mpetsang "KG"

The youngest poler on the expedition. KG joined the 2013 expedition for the first time and proved himself with superb navigational skills as well as his ability to find water when no one else could.

Jer Thorp' portrait

Jer Thorp

Jer Thorp is a software artist, writer, and educator living in Brooklyn. Coming from a background in genetics, his digital art practice explores the many-folded boundaries between science, data, art, and culture. He is a co-founder of The Office for Creative Research & adjunct professor at ITP.

James Kydd' portrait

James Kydd

James Kydd is an international safari guide and wildlife photographer. He is the creator of the multiple award winning website Rangerdiaries.com.

Shah Selbe' portrait

Shah Selbe

Shah Selbe is an engineer, conservation technologist, and technology expert working to identify and implement innovative approaches to environmental problems. He works with communities, nonprofits, and developing countries to identify and deploy technologies that could help them with the conservation of their environment. It was this work within ocean conservation, often called “FishNET”, that resulted in National Geographic naming him as one of their 2013 Emerging Explorers. He works to inject low cost technological innovation into how we monitor and protect some of the most pristine parts of this planet.



320km total distance

average speed 3.9km/h



energy consumption


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